Parts of Varvsudden in Landskrona could be available for you as a new tenant within manufacturing and heavy industry. Contact me if you would like some more information and/or come for a visit. The area contains huge workshops, storage areas and direct access to the sea.

Contact: Tonny Hansen

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Where all the elements comes together

Varvsudden heavy industry park is located in the middle of the dynamic Öresund region; near the flourishing cities of Copenhagen, Malmö and Lund. Our location offers great opportunities for development, as well as access to a well-developed transport network and infrastructure, including the E6 and E4 motorways, Copenhagen and Malmö airports, the Öresund Bridge, railways and of course, shipping terminals.

Furthermore, Varvsudden stands on historic ground. Throughout most of the 20th century Öresundsvarvet, a shipyard and concept that played a major role in Sweden’s industrial history, was located here. For several decades Öresundsvarvet was a leading heavy industry site, which set numerous records and boasted several thousand employees.

Varvsudden preserves this heritage, by providing new companies with the opportunity to make history in their industries. What we offer is a special place where the four elements: water, air, fire and earth interact. An area that is elemental to heavy industry. We call it Varvsudden.


Large-scale movements in the air, or the Earth’s atmosphere, form winds. The wind conditions outside of Varvsudden and Landskrona are good, with a wind speed of 7.6 to 8.9 m/s at 120 meters altitude.


Varvsudden is built on solid ground. The area´s geological conditions makes it to a place especially suitable for heavy industry.


Fire, or more precisely heat, has always played a key role in the heavy industry at Varvsudden. Thermal energy is needed at all welding works.


Öresund is one of the world’s busiest straits. The average depth in the center of Öresund is 15 meters, but one will find depths up to 50 meters west of Landskrona and Varvsudden.

Be a part of the future

Varvsudden heavy industry park has always been a place for heavy industry with a focus on the future.

Wind power is part of the present and the future, as a renewable energy source that plays an increasingly important role in the world’s energy supply when fighting climate change and global warming. In 2015 one of the world’s largest wind power companies, Enercon Windtower Production (EWP), moved its steel tower production site from the former Kockums shipyard area in Malmö to Varvsudden.

The German company is a major player in this development, and the facility is designed to minimize internal movement of the towers, making production as efficient as possible.

So be a part of the future. There is plenty of space for companies like Enercon at Varvsudden.

Close to everything

Varvsudden has been at the centre of heavy industry since 1915, when Öresundsvarvet began building ships in the area. Since then, the area has evolved from decade to decade, and has been a busy workplace, employing thousands of people.

Now it’s hotter than ever, due to its location in the centre of the developing Öresund region, close to the universities and colleges of Copenhagen, Lund and Malmo. The region is the subject of international focus, due to the ongoing construction of the European Spallation Source (ESS) research facility, just outside Lund.

Varvsudden plays a role in the region’s ongoing development by offering heavy industry companies the possibility to establish production sites in the area. The geology of Varvsudden makes it superb for heavy industry operations.

So this is Varvsudden’s surroundings; Close to research facilities and convenient for all forms of transport.

In other words, Varvsudden’s location offers many advantages.

A hot spot

The welder’s flame has always burned strong and proud at Varvsudden. Since the early 20th century heavy industry has been making its mark on the area. Heavy industry will also shape its future.

There is the tradition, knowledge and professional skill of Oresund Heavy Industries and its subsidiaries Oresund Drydocks and Oresund Steel Constructions, while new industries like Enercon, provide the world with environmentally friendly and renewable energy.

There are plenty of opportunities for more companies to show what they are burning for and how they can contribute to the future.

A coastal base

Its proximity to the sea makes Varvsudden a place with great development potential for heavy industry companies. For companies involved in shipbuilding and maritime transport – such as Oresund Drydocks – the advantages are obvious.

For Enercon, its close proximity to the harbour and sea is important because of the vast majority of wind towers that are exported by ship.

Varvsudden’s coastal location is perfect for offshore production and industrial businesses. The distance between the production sites and shipping points is extremely short. By adjusting our area to meet your needs, we can create the perfect site for your company.

We have the space for more companies to be close to the water that lies at the heart of Varvsudden.